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Find Best Quality Indian Jujube Regi Pallu in USA

The Jujube Fruit is also known as Ziziphius jujube scientifically. It grows mostly in India, China, Korea and some European countries. It is a small to medium-sized spreading deciduous tree of about 5-7 meters in height. It is quite famous around the world because of its several health benefits.[...]

Indian Non Veg Pickles in USA

Often, Indians living in the USA miss their favorite Indian pickles and savories. They have to live overseas for work, but cannot help but crave for their homeland food. We, at Indian Basket, take it upon ourselves to make available all the Indian Non veg pickles in USA available for our fellow brethren abroad. Here is a quick description of what we have in stock for pickles from Hyderabad to USA. [...]

Shop Online Vellanki Foods in the USA Today!

Shop Online Vellanki Foods in the USA Today! Are you based abroad but missing your Indian snacks, sweets and savories? Well! Now you don’t have to crave your favorite delicacies and compromise on your taste as Indian Basket is offering all your Indian food items abroad! Vellanki is our most trusted Indian brand of snacks and savories and via the Indian Basket, you can now purchase Vellanki foods in the USA.[...]

Buy Best Quality Murukulu from Vellanki Foods

Murukulu is unquestionably perhaps the most generally consumed snack in India. On any bubbly event - Murukulu makes certain to be there, as a backup to the discussions persisted for time elapsed! Order your favorite Murukulu online USA today![...]

Buy Instant Junnu Powder Online Shipped to USA from India

Junnu powder is a powder prepared from the first milk of a birthing cow called Colostrum. It is extremely healthy and contains some very important proteins and nutrients. A birthing cow’s first milk is procured in abundance. Farmers give this essential milk to the calk first and then sell the remaining for human consumption. This is an essential Sangam Era ingredient that boosts immunity. This pre-milk is dried and then grinded to make junnu powder. It is widely used in India to make desserts. It has a natural cheesy flavor that adds flavor to your desserts. There are various recipes available to make tasty dishes from junnu powder.[...]

Get Home-Like Ulava Charu now in the US

Ulava Charu is a South Indian soup dish from the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. It is made with Horse gram legume, called Ulava in the native Telugu. It is a local delicacy, as the preparation is labor-intensive. If you are a working woman or man in the US, you might find it tough to prepare this local delicacy abroad. Furthermore, you might also not get the right spices to get the authentic taste.[...]

Buy Pochampally Sarees Online USA from Indian Basket

Do you miss wearing your favorite Pochampally sarees while in the USA? If you are residing in the USA, you might be missing your Indian festive spirit, especially on important occasions and festivals. With Indian traditional wear, the spirit of the festivity looks complete. But now, Indian Basket is here to bring you a wide range of pochampally sarees online USA. All you need to do is to place your orders online to get your favorite ikkat silk sarees online USA. Have these sarees door delivered to you in the USA. [...]

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