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Shop Online Vellanki Foods in the USA Today!

Shop Online Vellanki Foods in the USA Today! Are you based abroad but missing your Indian snacks, sweets and savories? Well! Now you don’t have to crave your favorite delicacies and compromise on your taste as Indian Basket is offering all your Indian food items abroad! Vellanki is our most trusted Indian brand of snacks and savories and via the Indian Basket, you can now purchase Vellanki foods in the USA.

Shop Online Vellanki Foods in the USA Today!

Are you based abroad but missing your Indian snacks, sweets and savories? Well! Now you don’t have to crave your favorite delicacies and compromise on your taste as Indian Basket is offering all your Indian food items abroad! Vellanki is our most trusted Indian brand of snacks and savories and via the Indian Basket, you can now purchase Vellanki foods in the USA.

What Food Items are Included in Vellanki Foods?

Vellanki Foods capture the essence of Indian culture aptly into their wide range of pickles, snacks, savories and sweets. Made using secret ancient recipes and Indian spices and herbs, our plethora of Indian snacks will remind you of your Grandma’s cooking! So, if you have moved abroad but miss your home-food or your grandma’s delicacies, then you need to trust Vellanki foods to rekindle your childhood memories!

For a decade, Indian pickles, snacks and savories were found to be missing from Indian homes abroad. The kids of today can only relate to Pizzas and Burgers for their snack cravings. They have forgotten the childhood delicacies we have enjoyed as kids. So, if you want your children to grow up abroad without missing Indian values and delicious food, then you must put your trust in our Vellanki food USA. We source the finest ingredients and use age-old recipes from Grandmothers to make our range of snacks, pickles, sweets and savories. Now you can avail Vellanki foods USA delivery at nominal costs too. So, have your favorite Indian snacks door-delivered to you in the USA.

Vellanki Foods Online USA

Now you can sit at home comfortably and place your orders for Vellanki Foods Online USA. Our easy-to-use user-friendly website has all the items listed along with their special features. You can place your orders directly on our website. You will be quoted the total price along with shipping charges during your final checkout. You will be surprised with our low shipping fee.

Vellanki Foods USA Shipping Cost

The reason behind our low shipping is that we cater to a wide range of products and get heaps of orders every day. We have tie-ups with major logistic companies in the USA and this helps us send bulk orders. We can easily lower the price of shipping and ensure that you can get your favorite snacks abroad at a nominal rate. Vellanki Foods USA shipping cost is quite nominal and this will not let you compromise on your taste and preferences.

Vellanki Story

Beginning in a small way in Hyderabad, Vellanki Foods set out to bring our ancestors’ pachadis and podis back to life. We started selling these traditional condiments to our patrons, helping them enjoy the spice that brings Telugu meals alive —without needing to prepare the intricate, time-consuming items themselves!

As we grew, we began to expand our menu. By 2000, we were offering traditional Indian mithai and namkeen as well. Our loyal clientele, spread across the world, has remained with us over the years thanks to our twin fortes – consistency in quality and perfectly authentic flavor. Our raw materials are lovingly chosen and cooking techniques rigorously followed to ensure that the food on your plate is fresh, hygienic, and of the best quality. Just like from Grandma’s kitchen!

Our international presence is grounded in strong traditional values. More than 50% of our employees are women and we’re proud to say that our company strongly believes in empowering women,both in the workplace and at home. Quality, authenticity, transparency and honesty are our watchwords. Vellanki Foods USA has been a major benchmark in creating our legacy and establishing our footprint abroad. We are aware that many of our fellow Indians reside in the USA with no availability of our home goodies. Through Vellanki foods USA, we ensure that our friends across seven seas do not miss Indian food.

From the date of our inception, Vellanki Foods has striven to produce the most delectable snacks, sweets and savories. Come to us for great quality and homely flavors. Come to us for a taste of home.

Vellanki Sweets

There is a wide array of Vellanki Sweets available for shipping and delivery in India and abroad. Here is a brief information on each type.

Kova Puri

Nothing says ‘authentic Telugu sweet’ like a box of Kova Puri. It is made with the finest wheat flour dough and dipped in an exquisite sugar syrup to become the perfect combination of crunchy and sweet.

 Ingredients - Maida, Milk, Sugar, Oil.

  • Shelf life - 7 Days
  • Pieces (1 Kg) - 26 Approx.

 White Kalakand

 White Kalakand is famous in North and North-East India. Made with the simplest of ingredients, white kalakand from Vellanki Foods is soft, chewy and promises a taste-fest in your mouth

 Ingredients - Milk, Sugar, Ghee .

  • Shelf Life - 4 Days
  • Piece (1 Kg) - 30 Approx

 Vellanki Kalakand

 Milk, sugar and ghee - three simple kitchen ingredients, but a winning combination when it comes to the making of Indian sweets and desserts

 Ingredients - Milk, Sugar, Ghee .

  • Shelf Life - 5 Days
  • USA Shipping - No

 Milk Mysorepak

 Made with milk, maida, sugar and ghee, this sweet is extremely soft in comparison to its besan (gram flour) counterpart. We have taken exceptional care to use the finest ingredients and an intricate preparation method to give you only the best version of the Milk Mysore Pak.

 Ingredients - Milk powder, Maida, Sugar, Ghee.

  • Shelf Life - 7 Days
  • Pieces (1 Kg) - 28 Approx.

 Malai Puri

 Malai Puri is a milk-based delicacy popularized by the sweet-loving people of West Bengal. Take a bite and this sweet crumbles in your mouth, only to lead you into the delicately sweetened filling waiting inside!

 Ingredients - Milk, Maida, Sugar, Ghee.

  • Shelf Life - 5 Days
  • Pieces (1 Kg) - 24 Approx.

Madras Peda

The Madras Peda (Milk Peda) is among the most popular sweets in India.

Made with khoya (known as ‘palkova’ in Tamil), this peda is a fudge-like sweet with a tendency to melt in the mouth.

  • Ingredients - Milk, Sugar, Elachi, Ghee, etc
  • Shelf Life - 4 Days
  • Pieces (1 Kg) - 38 Approx.

 Kova Kajjikayalu

With coconut, jaggery and khoya (kova) as the main ingredients, the Kova Kajjikayalu is one sweet dish that does not disappoint. Don’t wait - order or walk into any of our stores and try one today!

  • Ingredients - Milk, Sugar, Coconut, Jaggery, Ghee.
  • Shelf Life - 7 Days
  • Pieces (1 Kg) - 24 Approx.

Kova billalu

Kova Billalu is a humble yet powerful sweet. If done (or bought) right, it can be the talk of the festival or function. But, if you would rather buy what still tastes like what your grandmother prepares, then buy Kova Billalu from Vellanki Foods!

  • Ingredients - Milk, Sugar, Ghee .
  • Shelf Life - 4 Days
  • Pieces (1 Kg) - 25 Approx.

Doodh Peda

Confused about what to gift someone whose sweet preferences you are unaware of? Pick a box of the Doodh Peda from Vellanki Foods - you can never go wrong with this all-time favourite

  • Ingredients - Milk, Sugar, Ghee .
  • Shelf Life - 4 Days
  • Pieces (1 Kg) - 70 Approx.

Butter Burfi

The Butter Burfi from Vellanki Foods is made using our very own, in-house preparation of butter. Therefore, in addition to the promise of excellent taste, we give you the assurance of exceptional purity!

  • Ingredients - Butter, Maida, Sugar, Ghee .
  • Shelf Life - 7 Days
  • Pieces ( 1Kg) - 25 Approx.

Avail all these delicious Vellanki foods shipping to USA at nominal cost and enjoy your Indian sweets.

Vellanki Pickles

Vellanki Foods Sweet Mango Pickle (Bellam Avakaya Pickles)

Because of its long shelf life, you can buy a bottle of these delicious pickles any time of the year from Vellanki Foods, and we will make sure that you enjoy a slice of summer, whenever your heart desires!

  • Ingredients - Mangoes, Jaggery, Garlic, Fenugreek powder, Mustard powder, Salt, Chilli powder, Groundnut Oil, Turmeric
  • Shelf Life - 3 Months

Vellanki Foods Mamidi Thurumu Pickles (Mango Slice)

  • Ingredients - Mangoes, Fenugreek powder, Salt, Chilli powder, Turmeric, Garlic, Asafoetida, Groundnut Oil
  • Shelf Life - 3 Months

Vellanki Foods Magaya Pickles

We use sun-dried mango slices to perfect the pickle. To go back to the summer of your childhood and enjoy Magaya Pickle the way you used to, order a bottle from Vellanki Foods and be amazed at how authentic the taste is!

  • Ingredients - Mangoes, Fenugreek powder, Garlic, Asafoetida, Turmeric, Salt, Chilli powder, Groundnut Oil
  • Shelf Life - 3 Months

Vellanki Foods Ginger Pickles (with Tamarind)

Our ancestors made ginger pickles during winters due to its ability to keep our bodies naturally warm through the frosty nights. It is a pickle that is still very much in use today, and can be consumed in moderation along with any Indian tiffin.

  • Ingredients - Ginger, Tamarind, Jaggery, Fenugreek seeds, Salt, Chilli powder, Groundnut oil, Garlic
  • Shlef Life - 3 Months

Festivals and Weddings

Vellanki foods delivery to USA can also be done for bulk orders for festivals and weddings.

  • Weddings

A wedding brings two beautiful people together and is a great reason for friends and family to get together. What could be better than bonding over mouth-watering sweets? Vellanki foods delivery to USA price is quite nominal. When you order in bulk quantities, you further get a discount from our shipping partners.

Not just sweets, a typical Telugu wedding also needs a lot of Telugu traditional decor and ritual items. We also deliver all the wedding items to the USA. There are many things that go into making this special occasion memorable —  Paavukollu (wooden footwear), Pelli Teralu (painted, printed, an embroidered piece of cloth used as a partition between the bride and the groom), Tiragali (traditional milling stone), Rokallu and Kundhu, PelliPeetalu etc. We offer you the exclusive option to hire these articles for rent, from us.

Not just these, from decorative trays to attractive baskets and fancy custom boxes to lovely gift articles, Vellanki Foods has a plethora of other such varieties that cater to your requirements. We pack sweets in these trays and baskets in attractive ways for occasions like weddings, engagement ceremonies,  lagna patrika, langa voni functions and many more.

  • Festivals

Enjoy and celebrate festivals with traditional Telugu specialities such as pulihora, chakrapongali, palathalikalu, poornalu, garelu, kudumulu, undrallu and many more. These items are available at our outlets on festivals to make the day hassle-free for you. These specialties are provided on regular days too, but only on request. Avail Vellanki foods delivery to USA for all your festivals and special occasions.

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